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Tips to prevent dry skinTips to prevent dry skin

Tips to prevent dry skin

Dry skin occurs when the skin barrier, which is made up of oils, becomes too thin. This allows the moisture, which should be retained by your skin, to escape. Your water balance is disturbed and your skin dries out.

What are the causes of dry skin?

1. Showering/washing with soap too frequently

Warm – and especially hot – water dissolves oils, which means you are literally washing away your skin barrier. Vigorous scrubbing with soap only worsens the situation.

Showering on a daily basis is already too much of a good thing. Just as washing your hands for too long, too frequently and with water which is too hot. In the long term this can lead to permanently dry, irritated, itchy skin – a feeling you may frequently have after a shower.

2. Central heating in colder seasons

Colder weather means turning up the heating. But this also dries the air in your home, which raises the chances of your skin drying out.

3. Skin complaints and ageing

Eczema and ichthyosis are two examples of skin complaints which result in drying of the skin. Ageing also causes drying, as aged skin loses its capacity to retain moisture.

Tips to prevent dry skin

You can fortunately do a lot to prevent dry skin.

The first tip is, of course: shower in moderation. For many people this already provides much relief.

Another obvious tip: ventilate your house – also in the winter months – to retain a good air humidity level. You can also place a container of water on your heating unit, or even buy a water reservoir specially made for hanging on radiators.


Fortunately, you can give your skin a helping hand to restore its moisture balance. You now know that two things are important for your water balance: moisture – and its retention (by your skin barrier).

Many people apply preparations in order to restore skin moisture. These are unfortunately not a complete solution. Most preparations introduce moisture, but do not restore your skin barrier. In other words: the moisture disappears as quickly as it is applied.

What is needed is a single product which both introduces moisture and seals the skin, so that the moisture is retained.

ALHYDRAN is such a product. It is the only cream proven, in independent scientific studies, to work in this way. ALHYDRAN hydrates, seals the skin and has a long-term effect.

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