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Eczema weakens your skin’s barrier function. Your skin is drier and more prone to infections. By hydrating the skin with a mild eczema cream or ointment, you prevent moisture loss. This makes your skin less likely to get damaged, and eczema spots heal faster.


Eczema symptoms

Common symptoms of eczema are:

  • Red, dry skin
  • Itching, burning sensation
  • Scaly rash
  • Infections, wounds
  • Blisters
  • Thickened, cracked skin
  • Pigment change

ALHYDRAN Eczema Care helps with relieving symptoms. You maintain the moisture balance of dry skin, which is partly thanks to the ingredient urea. By moisturizing, the skin is less likely to get damaged and eczema spots recover faster. The periods without flare-ups are becoming longer and you need less medication (such as hormone ointment).

  • Less itching, pain and redness

  • Helps reduce the intensity and duration of eczema

  • Helps prolong eczema-free periods

Do you want a skin-friendly cream against eczema?

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What is eczema?

Eczema is a collective name for skin conditions in which the skin is inflamed. It is an inflammation that can cause you a lot of trouble. It is not contagious and occurs at all ages.

With eczema, the top layer of your skin has impaired function. The skin produces less moisturizing and greasy substances, which causes it to lose moisture quickly.

Due to dehydration, the skin cannot sufficiently protect itself. Allergens and irritants easily enter your skin. Your skin may become itchy and inflamed.

Various factors play a role in the development of eczema symptoms. The most important is predisposition or heredity.

With eczema, your skin’s immune system is hypersensitive. Your skin responds to influences from within and outside. Examples of factors or conditions that can trigger or worsen eczema symptoms include:

  • Dry air
  • Synthetic fabrics that do not dissipate heat
  • Irritating fabrics and clothing with seams
  • Both positive and negative stress
  • Reduced resistance
  • Perspiration
  • Irritants (e.g. soap, shampoo, cleaning products, nickel)

Such influences can cause your skin to become inflamed. We call such an inflammatory response a flare-up.

An eczema flare-up is accelerated by scratching or dehydration.

People with eczema naturally have fragile skin. Their skin is more susceptible to infections.

With eczema, the skin scales are ‘open’. This causes moisture to evaporate (too) quickly. Bacteria enter the skin easily. The skin becomes infected.

During a flare-up, the scales open even wider. This causes even more moisture to evaporate. And infections keep coming in.

Prevent moisture loss

With drier skin, it is easier to get inflammation. That is why you want moisture loss to decrease.

ALHYDRAN Eczema Care brings your moisture balance back to normal. Both during the flare-ups and otherwise.

The cream helps:

  • reduce eczema symptoms (relieves itching)
  • extend periods without eczema

ALHYDRAN has a double moisturizing effect.* The cream provides moisture to the skin. And at the same time prevents moisture in the skin from evaporating. This means your skin can stop bacteria better. Your skin feels smooth again.

*ALHYDRAN is the only cream of which the double moisturizing effect has been proven by scientists.

Scratching increases the risk of infections. Extreme itching is common with eczema. Even though it is very difficult: avoid scratching!

You can easily scratch open the vulnerable skin barrier of the eczema skin, which allows bacteria to come in. This causes your skin to become inflamed. Resulting in even more itching.

After scratching, you may start bleeding. Wounds can occur, which also start to itch. And vice versa.

When you scratch, your itch ‘disappears’ for a while. You feel a brief pain. This releases substances that itch even more. So the itching becomes more severe.

If you keep scratching, you will end up in a vicious cycle. The scratch-itch cycle.

To stop scratching:

Combat itching with a soothing anti-itch cream. ALHYDRAN Anti Itch Care is suitable for sensitive eczema skin. This cream cools the skin and reduces itching, without dehydrating the skin. In fact: The cream restores the moisture balance. This makes the cream very suitable for itching complaints due to eczema.

Eczema can cause you to get a rash. The skin feels dry and tight. The eczema spots can be very itchy. Sometimes it can be so bad that you can’t sleep.

Can’t sleep because of the itching? Use ALHYDRAN Anti Itch Care. The cream cools and is very soft and caring for sensitive skin.

You can combine the anti-itch cream with other treatments. You can use Anti Itch Care together with Eczema Care. This gives you the best possible care for your eczema skin.

Note: Are you going to scratch? Then you will end up in a vicious scratch-itch cycle.

Eczema can develop all over your body. However, there are places where eczema appears more quickly.

In the case of contact eczema, these are the feet, hands or face. Places that most often come into contact with irritants.

The location of atopic eczema is usually related to age. The places where the rash appears most quickly:

  • Babies usually get eczema on the face and abdomen. Places they can easily reach to scratch.
  • Eczema in small children is often found in places such as the elbows, backs of the knees, ankles and wrists.
  • In older children and adults, the location of the eczema changes. They mainly suffer from eczema in places such as elbows, back of the knees, hands and feet.

You cannot simply get rid of (atopic) eczema. But you can make it bearable with specific creams. The following applies: preventing a flare-up is better than combating symptoms.

Atopic eczema

Of all types of eczema, atopic eczema is the most common. This form of eczema is congenital. It is usually a chronic skin disease and occurs at all ages.

Eczema often starts when you are young. Lucky people grow out of it. For others, the skin disease is permanent. In any case: no medicine will help you get rid of eczema in one fell swoop. So you have to find a way to live with it.

ALHYDRAN Eczema Care relieves itching and other symptoms of atopic eczema. You can also apply the cream to prevent new flare-ups.

Contact eczema

Contact eczema causes a reaction due to contact with a certain substance. Your skin is sensitive to this substance.

Eczema Care helps against the discomfort of contact eczema. Apply a thin layer to care for your skin. In addition, try to avoid contact with irritating substances as much as possible.

Other types of eczema

Eczema Care also works for many other types of eczema. Sometimes the result is so good that users no longer need medication. You can read this in the experiences of our users.

Read more about eczema.

Dr. M.D. Njoo
Dermatologist ZGT Hospital, Dermatology Department (NL)

I recommend ALHYDRAN for the treatment of Atopic (Constitutional) eczema because of its excellent nourishing and hydrating properties. With Aloe Vera rather than water as the primary ingredient, ALHYDRAN provides optimal skin hydration.


Eczema does not go away for most people. Therefore, treatment is aimed at:

  • relieving complaints during flare-ups
  • preventing flare-ups

The treatment is done in four chronological steps:

  1. Preventing eczema

You want to keep the skin as calm as possible. You do this by limiting contact with irritating substances and environmental factors. It also helps to take good care of your skin with a mild cream or ointment, such as our hormone-free eczema cream.

  1. Prevent dehydration

The drier the skin, the faster you get inflammation. By hydrating the skin with Eczema Care, your skin can retain moisture better. This way, you can prevent skin dehydration as much as possible.

  1. Suppress flare-ups

Medicinal ointments can suppress the symptoms. Consider hormone and tar ointments, or other inflammatory or immune suppressants. Only use such ointments in consultation with your doctor or a specialized nurse.

  1. Other treatment methods

There are additional options for the treatment of moderate or severe eczema. For example, the dermatologist or paediatrician can prescribe scratch suits, antibiotics and/or antihistamines.

Your doctor can prescribe a hormone ointment to treat eczema. The corticosteroids in hormone ointment are anti-inflammatory. They can temporarily suppress the symptoms of a flare-up.

Start good skin care immediately as soon as you stop with the corticosteroids. Your skin is extra vulnerable due to the hormone ointment. You want to hydrate and protect the skin as best as possible.

Eczema Care makes your skin more resilient. Before, during and after hormone treatment. It promotes the healing of the skin.

You can combine your hormone cream with Eczema Care. First apply the corticosteroids. Let this absorb into the skin. Then apply the ALHYDRAN cream.

You can also treat your eczema with good skincare. Eczema skin is naturally dry. Dehydration can make the skin more likely to become infected. Use a greasy cream to ensure that your skin does not become too dry.

ALHYDRAN Eczema Care is increasingly used against eczema complaints. Many of our users see positive effects after using the cream.

ALHYDRAN has a double moisturizing effect. It is the only cream where this moisturizing property has been scientifically proven. This is precisely why the results in the treatment of eczema are positive.

Eczema Care helps with eczema

Eczema Care is specifically developed for people with eczema.

  • This cream is hormone free
  • It cares for the skin
  • It prevents and reduces eczema complaints

The cream prevents dehydration of the skin. This reduces the chance of new flare-ups and decreases complaints.

Apply Eczema Care to the eczema areas. Even when your skin is not inflamed. This way you prevent new flare-ups. And eczema-free period are extended.

Eczema Care helps eczema skin in two ways:

  1. Relieve eczema symptoms

During a flare-up, your skin is inflamed. Resulting in unpleasant complaints. Eczema Care soothes, nourishes and protects the eczema skin. Which relieves the symptoms.

  1. Preventing flare-ups

With our cream you can extend eczema-free periods. It strengthens the natural skin barrier. And makes the skin resilient. Bacteria are less likely to enter and the skin is not as prone to drying out.

In short: Eczema Care makes your skin more resilient and restores the moisture balance. These are exactly the properties that eczema skin needs, both before and during flare-ups.

Many of our users see positive effects after using our cream. Many practitioners also support this product.


Practical examples

Experiences of dermatologists and professionals in the treatment of eczema with ALHYDRAN. View the diagnosis, symptoms and personal experience of the practitioner and patient.

After 2 weeks ALHYDRAN

Atopic eczema

  • Eczema decreased strongly
  • No skin irritation