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Laser treatment

Laser is widely used for skin treatment and cosmetic purposes. Treating your skin with laser can provide beautiful results but can also damage the skin. This is why it is important to care for your skin properly after a laser treatment.

ALHYDRAN laser treatment after-care

Skin symptoms caused by laser treatment:

Depending on the treatment and the type of laser, your skin may show the following symptoms:

  • Inflamed, sensitive skin
  • (Burn) wounds
  • Scabs
  • Fiery redness
  • A burning sensation (like a sunburn)
  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • A pulling sensation (as if the skin is too tight)

ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care cares for the skin after laser treatment. It improves skin recovery and reduces complaints caused by the treatment.

  • Reduces itching and redness

  • Immediately soothes the skin

  • Increases skin elasticity

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Customer reviews

I have used the cream for my face, after laser treatment. The result is neat, the skin therapist is happy.


Great product. I've been using it for a long time. I have been under treatment for a while, laser therapy for my birhtmark. It works perfectly. Keeps skin supple and relieves itching.

Woman (26)

I used ALHYDRAN after a laser facial treatment. It is a great product. My skin is prone to acne, but ALHYDRAN is well tolerated.

Woman (47)

What is a laser treatment?

Lasers are increasingly used in the world of healthcare and cosmetics. A laser is a light source that can emit many light beams in a short time. The purpose of a laser is to damage specific structures in the skin by heating them for short periods, e.g. for removing superfluous hair. The type of laser and the strength of the beam determine which skin structures are damaged.

Some examples in which a laser can be used:

  • Treatment of skin conditions such as birthmarks, couperosis, varicose veins and sun damage
  • Reducing signs of ageing and wrinkles
  • Hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
ALHYDRAN laser treatment after-care

Reaction of the skin after a laser treatment

It is possible that your skin may react to laser therapy. The skin is damaged (in a controlled manner). This can cause all kinds of complaints, for example: dry skin or red spots, similar to an allergic reaction.

During the treatment you will feel a short, but tolerable pain. After the laser treatment, your skin may be red. A burning sensation is also quite normal. Your skin is still vulnerable for days to weeks after laser treatment, depending on the type of treatment.

Possible complaints after a laser treatment:

  • Red spots
  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • Pimples
  • Little wounds which can form scabs
  • Light swelling
  • A burning sensation, similar to a sunburn
  • A tight feeling

Sometimes more severe complaints may occur:

  • Burn wounds with blisters
  • Extremely dry and flaky skin
  • Irritation or pain
  • Wounds or scabbing

Skin damage varies per laser and type of treatment

The skin damage that occurs during a laser treatment is mostly superficial. Unless your practitioner chooses a deeper treatment. Or if something goes wrong during your treatment. The severity of skin damage is also dependent on:

  • The type of laser. The newest equipment is usually more precise and causes fewer side effects than older equipment.
  • The strength of the beam. This determines which structures of the skin get damaged.
  • The length and frequency of the treatment. Laser therapy sometimes consists of multiple treatments for an optimal result. This also means that the skin is more stressed.

NB: Do your complaints increase after the treatment? Or do they persist? Please contact your practitioner.

Aftercare for the skin is important after laser treatment

After a laser treatment, good aftercare is important, so your skin can recover. This is mainly because a laser damages your skin barrier, which causes complaints. This makes repairing the skin barrier as soon as possible very important, also because of the chance of infections.

ALHYDRAN has been used in aftercare with success for years. This is because of the hydration and protective properties of the cream. Now we have a specific cream to use after professional skin treatments: ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care.

Barrier Repair Care

The cream is developed to calm the skin and decrease skin complaints. All by repairing the skin barrier. The proven ALHYDRAN formula is enriched with the following ingredients:

  • Beta Glucan
    Reduces redness and calms the skin.
  • Bisabolol
    Calms the skin.
  • Allantoin
    Reduces irritation and supports skin healing.

Both patients and medical professionals speak positively about ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care. They have positive experiences with our cream. It has been clinically tested and is proven effective.

Sun protection

In addition to good skin care, sun protection after laser treatment is also very important. After laser treatment, the skin is damaged and therefore extra vulnerable. It is not without reason that your practitioner advises you to avoid the sun for a while. But even afterwards, using a good sunscreen is crucial. For example, use ALHYDRAN SPF 30.

Effective cream after laser treatment

  • Immediately after laser treatment, use Barrier Repair Care. Your skin needs to recover. This cream speeds up recovery.
  • As soon as you go outside again, use ALHYDRAN SPF 30. A sunscreen with UV protection and moisturizing cream in one.


skincare after laser treatment

Laser treatment case studies

Medics and skin professionals show how they use ALHYDRAN for laser treatment aftercare. The study focuses on the treatment of one patient. View the diagnosis, symptoms and personal experience of the practitioner and patient when using ALHYDRAN after laser treatment.

After 5 months ALHYDRAN

Soft surgery aftercare

  • Wound healing is accelerated
  • Much less hyperpigmentation

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