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Most wounds heal on their own. However, the closing of a wound is a complicated process. You see this most often in chronic wounds. Caring for the wound properly reduces the chance of scars and other complaints.

ALHYDRAN wound treatment

Skin complaints due to wounds

  • Itching during wound healing
  • Dry skin around wound edges
  • Difficult wound healing
  • Inflammation of the wound

By treating the newly closed skin with a moisturizing cream or ointment, such as ALHYDRAN, the skin remains supple and hydrated. This way the skin is protected.

Good wound care helps the skin recover and ensures the best possible result after wound closure. ALHYDRAN forms a protective layer over this important but delicate skin. It can be used to protect, hydrate and care for both the edges of wounds and the newly-closed skin.

  • Protects and hydrates newly-closed skin

  • Reduces unpleasant symptoms (such as itching)

  • Increases skin elasticity

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Customer reviews

I have suffered from considerable skin damage, due to shingles. I got the shingles in September 2016 and my skin is still badly damaged, from the bottom of my face to the top of my arm. ALHYDRAN takes care of the affected skin, absorbs well and reduces itching. I do not yet notice a difference in the thickness of the scars. I find the ALHYDRAN cream very pleasant to use!


Recovery of the skin in wounds

Many factors influence the complicated healing process of an acute or chronic wound. When you have a wound, it is important to properly protect and care for the wound edge and surrounding skin (peri-wound). Especially in the case of complex and chronic wounds.

The new layer of skin grows from the wound edge, which eventually closes the wound. If the wound edge is not healthy or clean, it may delay healing or further damage the wound.

Skin barrier

A wound affects the skin barrier. The skin barrier ensures good and natural moisture balance. When your skin is damaged, your body loses moisture excessively. This can cause dry skin around the wound.

Wounds can release a lot of fluid. This can cause softened skin, but also increases the risk of infections by bacteria entering the wound.

In addition, the newly closed skin is vulnerable. There is a greater risk of damage to this new skin layer than with healthy skin.

wound scar

ALHYDRAN cares for and protects the skin around the wound

ALHYDRAN provides a protective layer on the skin around the wound. It ensures recovery of the vulnerable wound edges and newly closed skin. The cream reduces complaints such as itching and increases skin elasticity.

ALHYDRAN promotes skin recovery:

  • Protection and care of the wound edge
  • Protection and care of surrounding skin
  • Preventing softening (maceration)
  • Treating irritated and dry skin

Promote recovery and a better result after wound closure with proper care for the wound edge and newly closed skin.


skin care after wound closure

Wound care case studies

Experiences of doctors and wound professionals when treating wounds with ALHYDRAN. View the diagnosis, symptoms and personal experience of the practitioner and patient.

After 10 days ALHYDRAN

ALHYDRAN Case Study: Chronical wound - After

Chronical wound

  • Wound edges improved significantly
  • The wound has closed

After 9 months ALHYDRAN

Surgical wound (scar)

  • Complete scar maturation in 9 months
  • Combination with silicone therapy

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