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Skin treatment

A skin treatment can help you look even more beautiful. Think of peelings, plasma and laser treatments. But it can also damage your skin. Use proper aftercare and help your skin get into good condition (again).

Skin treatment

Possible skin complaints

A skin treatment can (temporarily) damage your skin. Skin complaints may occur, such as:

  • Redness
  • Scabs, flaky skin
  • Slight swelling of the skin
  • A burning sensation, similar to sunburn
  • Dry skin, tightness
  • Itching, irritation

ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care cares for the skin. The cream relieves the complaints caused by skin treatments and helps your skin recover.

  • Reduces irritation and redness

  • Soothes the skin

  • Supports natural skin recovery

Recover your skin after a skin treatment

What is a skin treatment?

Skin treatments are usually used to look (even) more beautiful. We only talk about non-invasive treatments, treatments without cutting, such as chemical peels, plasma and laser treatments.

A treatment often helps you get closer to your ideal of beauty. But in some cases it can cause (temporary) skin damage.

Clinics, skin therapists, specialists and dermatologists offer various treatments, such as:

  • Permanent laser hair removal
  • Skin improvement for rosacea, pigment spots, sunlight damage, wine stains, varicose veins and scars
  • Anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction
  • Tattoo removal
skin treatment

Skin damage

Your skin can be damaged during a skin treatment. Such treatments are generally superficial, therefore the damage is limited to the top layer of the skin.

Very occasionally, deeper layers of the skin are also damaged. This happens when the practitioner consciously chooses a deeper treatment. Or when a mistake is made.

NB: Contact your practitioner if your complaints increase or persist after treatment.

Cream after skin treatments

ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care is a cream specifically developed for use after professional skin treatments. The cream soothes the skin and relieves skin complaints.

These ingredients have been added to the proven ALHYDRAN formula:

  • Beta Glucan
    Calms your skin, reduces redness and supports natural skin recovery.
  • Bisabolol
    Soothes the skin and stimulates the healing process.
  • Allantoin
    Anti-irritant effect, soothes the skin and supports skin healing.

Both patients and (medical) professionals have positive experiences with Barrier Repair Care.

Sun protection

After treatments, it is advised to avoid the sun. Your skin is extra vulnerable due to the damage caused by the skin treatment. This makes the skin extra sensitive to harmful UV rays. Using a good sunscreen is crucial.

So: Which cream do you choose after a skin treatment?

  • Use ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care immediately after skin treatments. The cream helps your skin recover faster and more beautifully.
  • When you go outside, use ALHYDRAN SPF 30. A nourishing Aloe Vera cream with strong UV protection.


Skin care after skin treatments

Dr. Edward Berends
Cosmetic doctor Perfect Look (NL)

I have been using ALHYDRAN for the aftercare of intensive laser treatments for two years. The rapid wound healing is striking. People tolerate the product well. ALHYDRAN actually never causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and is well-tolerated by the skin. Moreover, old burn scars also improve with use of ALHYDRAN, especially the variant that contains SPF.

Duygu Demir
Skin therapist Huid & Laserkliniek Deventer (NL)

After I started recommending ALHYDRAN to patients, I noticed a quicker recovery period for damaged skin and a better result in terms of healing. In the case of electrical epilation in particular, ALHYDRAN greatly improves the recovery of damaged skin.

Rina Rijkenberg & Jeune de Graaf
Skin therapists De Huidtherapeuten Oosterbeek (NL)

We have been recommending ALHYDRAN at our practice for over 10 years. The best thing about ALHYDRAN is that it has a wide field of application. As aftercare for burns, skincare, and after laser treatment. ALHYDRAN also produces good results in people with acne or very dry and sensitive skin. Optimal hydration and soothing ensures healthy and beautifully healed skin and ALHYDRAN relieves itching. It is also popular as an after sun cream for (accidentally) sunburnt skin in summer.

Practical example: after skin treatment

In the study below, you can see the effect of ALHYDRAN. You read the experience of both practitioner and patient. The effectiveness of our cream is scientifically substantiated. And it also does what it promises in practice: it helps the skin recover.

After 5 months ALHYDRAN

Soft surgery aftercare

  • Wound healing is accelerated
  • Much less hyperpigmentation

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