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ALHYDRAN is a medical hydrating cream. It ensures optimal, long-lasting hydration and prevents moisture loss. Ideal for treatment of disrupted skin barrier.

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Customer reviews

ALHYDRAN makes the scar more soft and less visible. The cream also smells good.


During my breast conserving therapy I used ALHYDRAN. After 3 weeks of radiotherapy, there is absolutely no skin damage at all. A few times just a little redness but as soon as I put on the cream it disappears. I am still using ALHYDRAN with very good result.

Woman (58)

I'm very satisfied. ALHYDRAN absorbs quickly and the scars start to fade very well.

Marcella (27)

Proven effectiveness

ALHYDRAN is a medical gel cream that has been specially developed for treatment of newly closed, delicate, damaged skin. There is growing awareness of the importance of good medical after-care of the skin immediately after closure of the wound. ALHYDRAN has been developed specifically for the delicate skin that forms when the wound closes.
How does ALHYDRAN work?

ALHYDRAN is extensively tested in several medical institutions and university hospitals. ALHYDRAN has been extensively clinically tested by professionals and various burns centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals throughout Europe, including burns centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
Scientifical proof

ALHYDRAN clinical study - Itching, is there a remedy?
Itching, is there a remedy? A pilot study with rehydration gel-creme in burnpatients Burn Centre Rotterdam (NL)

Presented at EBA 2007

  • Decreases itch intensity after burns
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Better nights rest for children
ALHYDRAN scientific study - Burns 2017 - Moisturisers in Scar Management following burn A servey report
Moisturisers in Scar Management following burn A servey report University of Adelaide (AU)

Publication in BURNS 2017

  • Meets the criteria for scar management
  • Positive effect on TEWL
  • Potentially positive effect on the scar outcome


ALHYDRAN combines the strength of:

  • Freshly processed, pure aloe vera gel (Aruban Aloe barbadensis)
  • High-quality oils and ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin C.
  • Paraben, hormone- and fragrance-free ingredients which are hypoallergenic.

All ingredients

How to use

  • Use ALHYDRAN for treatment of the disrupted skin barrier.
  • Use ALHYDRAN SPF 30 to protect the skin against damaging UV rays.
  • Do not use our products on open wounds.

Instruction For Use (IFU)


Answers to some questions about ALHYDRAN. Do you want to know more? View all frequently asked questions.

Unlimited. Apply ALHYDRAN 3 times a day as long as the scar is active, or as often as the skin requires. A scar can remain active and cause complaints for up to 1.5-2 years. Use ALHYDRAN to prevent and treat abnormal scars.

No. You should not use ALHYDRAN on open wounds, or skin perforated by stitches that has not yet healed. Start using ALHYDRAN immediately after wound closure.

ALHYDRAN is a BAP Medical product

BAP Medical provides solutions for skin ‘in distress’. Since 2006 BAP Medical has provided products for the aftercare of specific skin problems.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Our products are developed in conjunction with patients and with those providing treatment. In doing so, we set ourselves 2 strict requirements:

  • Our products must be truly effective.
  • Our products’ effectiveness must be scientifically proven.

In short, we believe that our products must deliver added value – to both patients and doctors.

Which is why BAP stands for the ‘Best Available Practices’ (in healthcare).

Active worldwide

Our products are distributed in more than 40 countries around the world, with those in Europe, the Middle East and Asia being our biggest customers. Our ambition is unrelenting and we continue to work hard to extend our international export network.

We have our own sales organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our head office is located in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands.

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  • Protection and softening of the skin

  • Less itching, pain en redness

  • The effectiveness is scientifically proven

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