Products for disrupted skin barrier treatment

ALHYDRAN is a powerful moisture-regulating cream that penetrates deep into the skin and improves the skin from within. It is a medical cream that can be used as after care of the skin, immediately after wound closure. Treatment for disrupted skin barrier with ALHYDRAN medical skincare is effective.

Alhydran products

ALHYDRAN Medical Hydrating Cream
medical aftercare for the skin


medical cream with high-level sun protection

Medical after-care for skin problems caused by:


ALHYDRAN repairs and improves scar tissue on both old and new scars.

Scar treatment

Burn wound

ALHYDRAN repairs the skin, makes it more supple and reduces itching.

Skin burn treatment


ALHYDRAN relieves and speeds up repair of skin problems caused by radiotherapy.

Skin care after radiation

Dry skin

ALHYDRAN cares for red and dry skin. It protects and hydrates the skin.

Moisturizer for dry skin

Laser treatment

ALHYDRAN cares for skin that is red and delicate following laser treatment.

Skin care after laser treatment


ALHYDRAN cools and calms the skin. It rapidly reduces itching and irritation.

Reduction of itching

How does ALHYDRAN work?

Disrupted skin barrier

A disrupted skin barrier will lose too much moisture. The skin dries out and complaints will occur or get worse.

Therefore this vulnerable skin must be assisted in order to function and heal. ALHYDRAN has dual functions, both necessary for repairing a disrupted skin barrier

Optimal hydration

The unique, proven effect of ALHYDRAN ensures powerful hydration as well as moisture retention (via occlusion). This results in long-term reinstatement of the moisture balance in the skin.

Skin barrier recovery

Good skin barrier recovery requires the following:

  • Optimal hydration of the epidermis
  • Repair of the skin barrier

Damaged skin without treatment

Excessive moisture loss

The skin dries out

Complaints will occur

Irritation, itching and redness

Damaged skin treated with ALHYDRAN

Rapidly reduces itching

Increases skin elasticity

Prevents en fades scars

Reduces dry and reddened skin

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What others say about ALHYDRAN

ALHYDRAN review Albin Stritar

ass. prof. Albin Stritar, MD Phd
Head of burns unit – University Medical Center Ljubljana (SI)

“I have been advising ALHYDRAN for many years in our burn centre. I am therefore very happy that this cream is officially available in Slovenia. Without any conflict of interest I can say that ALHYDRAN is very useful, salvaging and successful for burn treatment (aftercare burns and scars).”

Radiotherapy Department Assistants AVL Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL)

“ALHYDRAN helps our patients heal visibly and greatly reduces itching and burning.”

ALHYDRAN review David Njoo

Dr. M.D. Njoo
Dermatologist – ZGT Dermatology Department (NL)

“I recommend Alhydran for the treatment of Atopic (Constitutional) eczema because of its excellent nourishing and hydrating properties. With Aloe Vera rather than water as the primary ingredient, ALHYDRAN provides optimal skin hydration.”

Duco van den Broecke Plastic surgeon – VandenBroecke Kliniek (NL)

“We advise using ALHYDRAN after eyelid surgery, because it keeps skin supple and helps it heal after a surgical procedure.”

ALHYDRAN review Debby Lorkeers

Debby Lorkeers
Skin therapist – Care4you Haaksbergen (NL)

“I recommend ALHYDRAN to everyone! Patients who use ALHYDRAN to prevent radiotherapy damage experience hardly any problems. Patients with hypostatic eczema, burns and scars were very impressed with ALHYDRAN. Skin became suppler, more even, and pain and itching were largely relieved. In short, a super product.”

Dr Ali Pirayesh Plastic surgeon – Amsterdam Plastic Surgery (NL)

“Alhydran, the first no-nonsense, scientifically proven scar cream.”


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european burns casualties association
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