ALHYDRAN is a medical moisture-regulating gel cream.

ALHYDRAN is widely used in burns centres and hospitals.

Medical after-care for skin problems caused by:


ALHYDRAN repairs and improves scar tissue on both old and new scars.

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Burn wound

ALHYDRAN repairs newly-closed
skin and makes it more supple.
Reduces itching and redness.

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ALHYDRAN relieves and speeds up the repair of skin problems (redness, dryness and itching) during and after radiotherapy.

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Dry skin

ALHYDRAN cares for red and dry skin

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Laser treatment

ALHYDRAN cares for skin that is red and delicate following laser treatment.

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Sun damage (actinic keratosis)

ALHYDRAN repairs and improves age spots.

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The special ALHYDRAN effect

Meet the world’s most advanced solution


Less itching & redness

Active scar management

Comfortable under clothing

Makes the skin more supple

The proven composition of ALHYDRAN helps combat pain, itching, redness, tightness and unsightly scars.

What makes ALHYDRAN medical gel cream stand out from many other skin care products is its highly effective, optimised combination of fresh Aloe Vera and top quality skin oils.


ALHYDRAN has been clinically tested and its effectiveness proven in various studies. Read more about the scientifically proven effects of ALHYDRAN




  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Severe skin reaction


  • Less itching
  • Skin is calmer
  • Less redness
  • Protects the skin

 How it works

Aloe Vera is used in many skin care products. But most products only contain a very small amount of Aloe or no fresh Aloe Vera gel at all. Some manufacturers claim that their products contain 99.9% or even 100% Aloe Vera. That’s just not possible! To keep a product stable you need to add preservatives and stabilisers, so it is absolutely impossible to make a product containing 99.9% or 100% Aloe Vera. These products are often made with Aloe Vera powder rather than fresh gel.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAaloe vera process aloe vera peeling the gelAloeGel

The three most important factors for the best Aloe Vera gel

  • Use all the gel. The harvested gel should be used in its entirety and not freeze-dried (which often happens on large plantations). Otherwise it will lose some of its effectiveness.
  • Climate. It is very important that the plant is grown in a hot, dry climate. And certainly not on a plantation where the plants are looked after on an industrial scale (given extra water, for example). The tougher the climate for the plant, the higher the concentration of the active ingredient.
  • Use fresh. To get the best possible effect for vulnerable skin, the gel should be used as soon as possible after harvesting.

Experiences with Alhydran

alhydran experience

Our four-year-old daughter was scalded by hot water. She still had a lot of unpleasant symptoms 1½ years later. ALHYDRAN made our daughter’s skin more supple. Now her skin is much less itchy and red. And her scar has improved visibly too!

Impressive skin improvement
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Scar cream

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Helps your skin recover
  • Effective and proven
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Only the best ingredients

For professionals, doctors and paramedics

There is growing awareness of the importance of good medical after-care of the skin immediately after closure of the wound. ALHYDRAN has been developed specifically for the delicate skin that forms when the wound closes.

The effects of ALHYDRAN have been scientifically proven in various clinical studies and case studies. You can find documentation here.

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Dutch Burns Foundation
l’Association des Brûlés de France
european burns casualties association

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