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How Aloe Vera benefits your skinHow Aloe Vera benefits your skin

How Aloe Vera benefits your skin

The Aloe Vera plant has natural healing powers. The juice is full of proteins, vitamins and minerals and is used to treat wounds and burns. Aloe Vera helps prevent the formation of new scars and removes existing scars.

The power of Aloe Vera in a scar cream

Aloe Vera hydrates, penetrating into the deepest skin layers. The cream’s multiple active ingredients improve wound healing and prevent scar formation.

Why most products containing Aloe Vera don’t work

You often hear, ‘Contains Aloe Vera!’ in television commercials. While this statement may be true, the effectiveness of Aloe Vera is often negligible in such products. This is because they use freeze-dried Aloe Vera.

Freeze drying results in essential constituents of the juice being lost – together with their effects.

Why are freeze-dried grains then used? Why not use the pure juice? The reason is that the grains are cheaper to transport.

Even if it is claimed that a product ‘contains 80% Aloe Vera’, one needs to be cautious. Often only a small quantity is used. Claims of this nature refer to the concentration of Aloe Vera in one, particular ingredient. However, only a small quantity of this particular ingredient is usually included in the product. 

Aloe Vera in ALHYDRAN

ALHYDRAN contains 45% pure Aloe Vera – as its main ingredient. This can easily be checked: the ingredient with the highest concentration must be listed first on the label.

In the case of ALHYDRAN this is, indeed, Aloe Vera. Compare our label to those on drugstore and supermarket products: these products have to place Aloe Vera lower on their ingredients list, and list water as their no.1 ingredient.

Barbadensis Miller: the only highly effective variety of the Aloe Vera plant

There are many different varieties of Aloe Vera. ALHYDRAN uses Barbadensis Miller: a variety that grows in Aruba. The extreme climate of Aruba does not ‘spoil’ the plant with too much water. The concentration of active constituents in these plants is therefore much higher than in those grown in higher-rainfall climates.

The Aloe Vera juice is processed into ALHYDRAN scar cream in a medical environment, within two days of being extracted from the plant. And without being dried. As a result no constituents are lost and the gel retains its powerful, hydrating effect.

The benefits of ALHYDRAN are scientifically proven. Which is precisely why doctors in hospitals and burn centres use this scar cream.

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