Where can I buy ALHYDRAN?

Donation: Soft hands in difficult times

BAP Medical donates ALHYDRAN to partners in hospitals in response to the high demand of creams during the COVID-19 crisis. The Netherlands-based company is grateful to the healthcare staff. This original charity action brings a little bit of relief in difficult times.

Dry skin caused by hand washing

Currently, everyone is in need of creams. Hand washing is important in the fight against COVID-19, especially for those who work in a hospital. Unfortunately, the hygiene measure has an unpleasant side-effect: the more you wash your hands, the more your skin dries out.

Creams for our healthcare heroes

The increase in hand washing has led to a strong growth in the sale of creams. There is an enormous demand for ALHYDRAN. In particular amongst physicians and nurses. Following the high demand, the idea to donate creams was born.

The hands of healthcare workers endure a lot today. Physicians and nurses do everything possible to ensure our well-being. Day and night. The commitment they show gives a strong reason for BAP something in return. The company’s donation of ALHYDRAN is an expression of gratitude to healthcare heroes. It brings a little relief in these difficult times.

Hospitals were delighted with the donation. “Hand care is not an unnecessary luxury at the moment” writes one of the recipients. ALHYDRAN is popular among healthcare professionals. It is widely prescribed to patients with skin problems. The effect of ALHYDRAN has been scientifically proven. It protects and softens dry skin. Thanks to ALHYDRAN, dry hands are a thing of the past. One less worry for healthcare heroes!