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Remove small scarsRemove small scars

Remove small scars (for example, on your face)

The removal of small scars, even if they are old, is to some extent possible. The sooner you take care of them, the better! When you use a good scar cream, like ALHYDRAN, there is a good chance your scars will become less visible. The more recent the scar, the better the chance it will disappear almost entirely.

What makes ALHYDRAN better than other creams?

Unlike most other creams, the effects of ALHYDRAN scar cream have been clinically proven. This is mainly due to its composition: ALHYDRAN contains 45% pure Aloe Vera.

In TV commercials, you will often hear Aloe Vera being mentioned in passing, as an ingredient in other products. True, it is an ingredient they contain, but only in a non-comparable way. In most products, only freeze-dried Aloe Vera is used. Essential components get lost in the process, and the effects are therefore negligible.

What does the Aloe Vera in ALHYDRAN do to small scars?

Aloe Vera is a plant with a natural activity. Proteins, vitamins and minerals have a beneficial effect on your scar skin. Aloe Vera moisturises down into the deepest layers of the skin. The many active ingredients it contains can make your small scars less visible.

The effects of ALHYDRAN have been scientifically proven!

They do not use ALHYDRAN in burns units and rehabilitation centres for nothing. In some of these centres, ALHYDRAN has been examined in clinical practice:

  • Burns Centre, Rotterdam (NL)
  • Burns Centre, UZ Ghent (BE)
  • Rehabilitation Centre, Bad Klosterlausnitz (DE)

Thanks to the results of these studies, ALHYDRAN is the only scar cream whose effects have been clinically-proven.

The conclusions of these studies:

  • Scars visibly fade/disappear
  • Scar skin becomes more supple
  • Fast results
  • Easy to apply

In addition, there are even more beneficial effects on your scar skin:

  • Itching is markedly reduced
  • Your skin gains (once more) good moisture control
  • Your skin is less reddened

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