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Can I remove facial scars with scar creamCan I remove facial scars with scar cream

Can I remove facial scars with scar cream?

Can a scar cream remove 100% of facial scars? No. But the more recent the scar, the better the chances that it will fade/disappear almost completely. And this can be achieved with a good scar cream such as ALHYDRAN.

The difference between ALHYDRAN and most other scar creams is that the effectiveness of our cream is proven. One of the reasons for ALHYDRAN’s superior results is that our scar cream contains 45% pure Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is a plant with natural healing properties. The juice is full of proteins, vitamins and minerals – and is therefore used to treat wounds, including burns. Aloe Vera helps prevent the formation of new scars and also removes existing scars.

Scientifically proven benefits

Alhydran has been clinically and scientifically tested by two European burn centres and by a rehabilitation centre:

  • Brandwondencentrum Rotterdam (Rotterdam Burn Centre – NL)
  • Brandwondencentrum UZ Gent (UZ Burn Centre, Ghent – BE)
  • Revalidatiecentrum Bad Klosterlausnitz (Bad Klosterlausnitz Rehabilitation Centre – D)

As such, ALHYDRAN is the only scar cream of which the benefits are both clinically researched and proven.

Tests reveal that ALHYDRAN:

  • Visibly fades/removes scars
  • Softens scar tissue
  • Delivers fast results
  • Spreads easily

And that ALHYDRAN scar cream also:

  • Significantly reduces itching
  • Increases quality of life
  • Ensures good skin water balance
  • Reduces skin redness
  • Calms children and ensures better sleep

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