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Preventing scars after a burn wound

It is possible to prevent (or at least reduce) ugly scar formation on a burn wound.  Use a good scar cream, with these two essential characteristics:

  1. The cream hydrates
  2. The cream seals off the damaged skin

Many scar creams hydrate, but do not seal off skin. This allows moisture to evaporate quickly and the cream has no effect.

The external layer of your skin normally enables good moisture balance. With a burn, the external skin layer is damaged, allowing too much moisture to escape.

Moisture is precisely what is needed for your scar to heal well. Without moisture the scar dries out, begins to flake and causes itching. Even more scar tissue is then produced, which results in a more visible scar.

A good scar cream restores your skin’s moisture balance by taking over the function of the external skin layer and sealing off the skin. The benefits are wide-ranging:

  • Much less scar formation
  • Much less discomfort from itching
  • Any scarred skin is much softer
  • Your skin is less stretched, ‘pulls’ less and is therefore less painful
  • Your skin does not flake

ALHYDRAN scar cream: proven to be effective

ALHYDRAN has two essential functions: hydration and sealing off the skin. The cream has a third important property: a long-lasting effect.

ALHYDRAN is the only scar cream with independently researched proof of its medical effects.

It is for good reason that many burns units both recommend and use ALHYDRAN for the treatment of patients. Ghent University Hospital, for instance, has written well of ALHYDRAN and uses the  cream.

Alhydran’s high effectiveness is due to its ingredients:

  • Fresh, pure Aloe Vera from Aruba (45% by volume)
  • Fine oils
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamins

Each ingredient contributes to a softer skin and to the cream’s ability to seal damaged areas. Dryness, pain, stiffness and itching reduce or disappear. And finally – your healed skin looks far better!

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