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Prevent and reduce chicken pox scarsPrevent and reduce chicken pox scars

Prevent and reduce chicken pox scars

Chicken pox is already upsetting enough for your child. Some children really seem to go under with it, whilst others have a lot fewer problems. Children particularly suffer from itching. Chicken pox can also cause scars. Prevention and reduction of these scars is possible!

Chicken pox can cause scarring in 2 ways:

  • The chicken pox rashes become inflamed, and sores develop
  • Because of itching, your child causes wounds by scratching, these also itch and are often   scratched repeatedly, over and over again

These tiny wounds can cause scars. Many parents get very worried, particularly when their child has lots of wounds/scars on their face. They believe their child has been ‘scarred for life’.

Prevent scars from chicken pox

Inflamed chicken pox is difficult to prevent. Just like itching – which is just one of its symptoms. It is most important to prevent your child from opening the chicken pox (and the wounds caused by it).

But how do you do that? You can tell children who are very itchy that they should never scratch, but even when they are old enough to understand, they are not particularly interested in what you are saying; if they are suffering a lot of itching, they cannot see the consequences of scratching.

Some parents place socks or gloves over their hands to ensure that the scratching does not cause any wounds.

Still have open chicken pox scars/wounds? Then use a good scar cream

As far as possible, you should prevent scars from chicken pox: moisturise little wounds with a good scar cream like ALHYDRAN. Amongst other ingredients, it contains Aloe Vera, which is proven to help prevent scarring. ALHYDRAN will moisturise, support wound closure and ensure long-lasting hydration. As a result, damaged skin will have sufficient moisture to generate fresh skin.

ALHYDRAN even helps to reduce scars

Even if your child already has scars from chicken pox, ALHYDRAN can help fade them and in some cases, disappear altogether.

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