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Can I expose my scar to the sunCan I expose my scar to the sun

Can I expose my scar to the sun?

No. Never directly expose your scar to sunlight. Make sure your scar is very well protected from sunlight when you go outside or sunbathe. This applies to all kinds of scars. Especially to recent, large and serious scars. For example scars resulting from accident, operation or burn wounds.

Why should I not expose my scar to sunlight?

Your recently healed, scar is not yet able to withstand the effects ultraviolet radiation. As a result:

  • Your skin burns more quickly
  • There is a higher risk of skin cancer
  • Too much radiation can cause permanent discoloration of your skin

The more recent your scar, the greater the need to protect it from sunlight.

How do I protect my scar from the sun?

It is impossible to protect your scar 100% from exposure to sunlight. However, there are many things you can do to reduce exposure to the minimum:

  • Cover recent and serious scars fully by wearing ample, loose-fitting clothes. Do this for at least the first month, or as long as the scar remains highly coloured (red or dark pink).
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible. Seek out the shade as much as possible.
  • Always put sunblock on the scar. Use at least factor 30 and repeat every two hours.
  • Re-apply sunblock after swimming (especially in the sea), after sweating a lot and after drying yourself.
  • Also use sunblock in the shade. Your scar is still exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the shade!

Note: it takes 15 to 20 minutes before sunblock provides full protection. Apply it before you go outside!

When can I expose my scar to the sun again?

You may carefully exposure your scar to the sun after a month, or once it is light pink and barely visible. Regardless of the situation, always use at least a factor 30 sunblock. After three to four months you can usually again expose your scar ‘normally’ to the sun. Never do this without first consulting a doctor. Your skin type, for instance, also plays a role in this. The lighter your skin, the longer you should exercise caution. In general: always sunbathe moderately. Be aware of the risks and deal with them sensibly.

Can I expose my scar on a sunbed?

The advice on sunbathing also applies to sunbeds. Your scar is to a large extent defenceless against ultraviolet radiation, so be very aware of what you do. See the advice above under ‘How do I protect my scar from the sun?’.

PS: Regular ALHYDRAN combines well with sunblock. The sunblock protects from ultraviolet radiation while the ALHYDRAN is absorbed by and treats the scar. But it’s easier to use ALHYDRAN SPF 30.


With this product you can apply a single cream to help prevent and/or fade scars – and at the same time protect your skin against UV rays.

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