Alhydran Special Care Products

ALHYDRAN Special Care

Early 2019, we will introduce 4 new Special Care products. These medical skincare products are developed specifically for certain skin problems.

We used the powerful and scientifically proven formula of ALHYDRAN Medical Care for the Skin as the basis for the Special Care Products. We combined the unique characteristics of Aloe Vera with other high quality, active ingredients.

Special Care Products

ALHYDRAN Anti Itch Care

Relieves + Comforts Itchy Skin

Reduces the tendency to scratch

Cools the skin immediately

Supports red, itchy skin

Alhydran Eczema Care

ALHYDRAN Eczema Care

Relieves + Soothes Stressed Skin

Relief from eczema symptoms

Supports sensitive skin

Preventative treatment

Alhydran Barrier Repair Care

ALHYDRAN Barrier Repair Care

Skin Recovery: After Peeling / Laser / Professional Treatments

Aftercare for treated skin

Support for sensitive skin

Strengthens the skin

Alhydran Cracked Dry Skin Care

ALHYDRAN Cracked Dry Skin Care

Repairs + Comforts (Extremely) Dry Skin

Prevention & relief of dry skin

Helps to reduce flakiness

Supports skin treatment