Case Studies

ALHYDRAN is widely used by professionals, in burns centres, hospitals an clinics. The product has been clinically tested and its effectiveness proven in various studies. Together with medical professionals and patients, we have created Case Studies. These studies provide information on the specific skin problem, treatment and results.

Case Studies contain graphic images some readers may find disturbing

ALHYDRAN Case Study - Hot water burn (scald)

Hot water burn (scald)
Child (4,5 years)

  • Improved flexibility of the vulnerable skin
  • Reduction of itching and redness
  • The scar becomes more flexible
ALHYDRAN Case Story - Flame burn (lower) leg

Flame burn (lower) leg
Female (15 years)

  • Evolution to complete maturation within 1 year
  • No hypertrophic scarring
  • Better skin elasticity and less itching
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Chronical wound

Chronical wound/a>
Female (79 years)

  • The wound has been closed
  • The wound borders have improved significantly
  • In the after care only ALHYDRAN was used
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Second degree burn

Second degree burn
Male (45 years)

  • Good result on the skin, improved rapidly
  • Immediate reduction of itching
  • After 6 months, the skin was soft and calm
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Radiotherapy (after care)

Radiotherapy (after care)
Female (68 years)

  • Radiated area is less inflamed, red and painful
  • As a result the follow-up phase started earlier
  • Pleasant to use and simple to apply
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Radiotherapy

Female (42 years)

  • Eliminates the pain of radiation skin burn
  • Reduces itching
  • Easy to apply and has a neutral odour
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Erosive skin

Erosive skin
Male (70 years)

  • Keeps the skin slightly oily and hydrated
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Noticeable result in just a couple of days
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Multiple actinic keratosis

Multiple actinic keratosis
Male (81 years)

  • Good and quick clinical improvement (within a week)
  • Complaints of pain disappeared within 48 hours
  • Cooling effect
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Scald (hot water from exploding radiator)

Scald (hot water from exploding radiator)
Male (52 years)

  • No pain or itching
  • Uneventful healing process within 4 weeks
  • Easy application, no fragrance
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Burn caused by chemical explosion

Burn caused by chemical explosion
Male (58 years)

  • Fast healing & improved restoration skin hydration
  • Visibly improved supple skin
  • Skin has stopped itching
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Donor site

Donor site
Vrouw (13 years)

  • Evolution to complete maturation within 1 year
  • Significantly less redness and itching
  • Good flexibility and feel of the skin
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis
Male (72 years)

  • No scar formation or hypopigmentation
  • Fast clinical results, within a few days
  • No skin irritation or other side effects
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Atopic eczema

Atopic eczema
Female (22 years)

  • The eczema decreased strongly within 2 weeks
  • No skin irritation or other side effects
  • Results comparable with a local corticosteroid
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Surgical Intervention

Surgical Intervention
Female (63 years)

  • Complete scar maturationwithin 9 months
  • Combination with a thin silicone sheet
ALHYDRAN Case Study - Soft surgery aftercare

Soft surgery aftercare
Female (54 years)

  • Woundhealingisaccelerated
  • Much less hyperpigmentation
  • Strong reduction of itching complaints